Arun Kumar

Fullstack Java Developer and Architect

I am a professional Fullstack Java Developer and Architect creating modern, robust and secure applications for Banking, Telecom and Travel domains.

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My Work


Have worked on Java (5,6,7,8,11), Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL, MongoDB, OracleDB, PostgreSQL etc.


Certified AWS developer associate, with hands-on experience on Lambda, EC2, APIGateway, Loadbalancer, S3, Pipeline, RDS etc.


Built many application with multiple frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, Flutter. Effeciently utilized Bootstrap CSS and Materialize CSS.

My Portfolio

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RiCo Service

RiCo is a rule base risk assessment service which is built using Drools rule engine.

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Status Page

Status Page provide realtime view of services running across organization.

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iTravel is the next-generation platform which addresses emerging needs of the Travel industry.

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Data Engine

DataEngine provides single point access to all sources of data.

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Mobile Connect

Secure login - implementation of mSign standard provided by ETSI.

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HPD Aquarius

Next generation of invoice discounting, factoring and asset based lending software.

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Dynamic Subscriber Allocation, Network Triggered Multi IMSI, extended Partners Network Priority.

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Flutter apps for Android and iOS. ScanKar is available on playstore.

My Profile

Name Arun Kumar

Address Jagatpur Extension, Delhi 110084, India



Apps Google Play Develper Page



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Coding Skills

Below are some statistics about utilization of my skills in current and previous projects based on frequency of usage.


Java 100%

Spring/Spring Boot/Hibernate 80%

Vertx/Apache/Jetty 80%

MySQL/PostgreSQL/OracleDB/MongoDB 70%


Angular/ReactJS/Flutter 80%

Bootrstap/Metarialize 70%



Docker/Kubernetes 30%

This is me

Creative Developer

Software developer having experience on Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Angular, ReactJS, Hadoop, AWS Certified Dev, RaspberryPi, Flutter, Rasa etc.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile and GitHub profile for more details.

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